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Wall art can really change your whole home look

The great thing about wall art and buying framed pictures online, is that it can really make a difference to your home. Changing wall colours is ok and can help refresh but it will not have the same impact as an interesting piece of wall art.


When you choose your framed pictures or canvases online, try to push the boat out. Look for art that can make a statement about you and about your home. Does the art have a touch of attitude? Or maybe a mellow, chilling contribution to your environment. Whichever way you go with your interior design, always look to push your choice a little further. Try to think just outside of your comfort zone when looking at framed photo prints online.


The difference to interior design is immense. A home has a variety of places where you have different moods. For example your bedroom is where you rest, whereas your living room is a point of more natural activity. So maybe try to change your wall art to reflect these different moods.


Lastly colour choices are important. When looking at colours for your canvas prints and framed pictures online, do not choose colours that match your wall colour. Respect your wall art. Let it pop on your wall. And allow it to speak for you and to you. So that you sometimes look at it and smile. Do not choose wall art that is bland and insignificant. It will not inspire you nor will it tell anybody else visiting your home that you care about impact. Or telling a story about your own attitude.


Also do not be afraid of monochromatic or simply black and white. Some canvases online have stunning tones and give a huge impact as they stand alone in a room full of colour. Major impact potential.

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